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Live-Videos und bewusstes Essen spielten eine immer größere Rolle, sagte er.

Leute auf der ganzen Welt können sich auf dem Portal Nom etwa beim Kochen filmen und ihre eigenen Food-Shows entwickeln.

Ferne had clearly felt like she had seen enough (ahem) and decided there wouldn't be a second date.

Obviously E4 blurred the video out for broadcast, but that just made viewers want to see it more, including Queen of And look, we know by this point you just want to actually watch the video (don't even lie) but we can't actually embed it in the article because, if you hadn't noticed, it is VERY unsuitable for work.

In addition to taking viewer questions the show will devote a section of each episode to decoding a particular dating app or site.

With the sheer number of romance tools out floating around social media space it promises to be a helpful guide for everyone.

The video, a six-minute spoof of Disney/Lucasfilm’s “Force Awakens” blockbuster, features Mark Hamill doing a spot-on voiceover impression of co-star Harrison Ford.

Bad Lip Reading uploaded the video Thursday, topping 1 million views before You Tube removed it sometime before 7 p.m. You Tube cited a copyright claim by New York-based Dramatists Play Service, which publishes and licenses plays by new and established playwrights — but on its Twitter account, DPS said that the claim was “erroneous” and that it didn’t know how the takedown claim was submitted in its name.

“The people who made the claim (Dramatists Play Service) have zero grounds and one can’t help but assume it was done maliciously,” he wrote.

Who better than Laci Green to teach us the difference between proper etiquette on Ok Cupid and Badoo?

FINALLY saw Stephen Bear get kicked off the show for secretly dating Charlotte Crosby....

Dramatists Play Service later said on its Twitter account that the takedown notice was made in error and that the group has no copyright claims to the Bad Lip Reading video.

“We are aware of an erroneous claim made by our org to You Tube regarding the video’s copyright and are looking into how this occurred,” Dramatists Play Service said in a tweet Thursday night.