How to stop dating the wrong men

“Most times it is not just bad luck that steers women to the wrong man time and time again,” writes Lynn Norment in .“Sometimes the pattern of loser-lovers is indicative of a deeper, more serious flaw in the woman’s personality or character.And, more good news is that there are so many books about changing your patterns and life habits! In it, you’ll learn how to avoid the liars, cheaters, fakes, users and abusers.

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If the shoe were on the other foot, wouldn’t you resent someone who thought you “needed fixing? Find a way to channel your instinct to do good where it will be truly needed.

If you keep choosing the wrong guy to love, you need to read that book!

And here are a few tips for getting over your own bad decisions…

Some of these men are just down right incapable of such provisions.

Because of this it is a woman’s sole responsibility to choose a man who can give her what she needs, no matter how superficial. When we meet a man who seems to have potential but piss poor follow through, our instincts tell us to excuse him. Do you know why addicts are discouraged from dating while fighting an addiction?

How to stop dating the wrong men