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"Today's decision signifies a retreat from that agreement and will make our work to bring Israel and the Jewish world together increasingly more difficult," Natan Sharansky, chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel, a main outreach group to Jewish communities abroad.

The mixed-gender section was to have been located at a separate expanse of the wall that, when seen from the plaza looking toward the wall, stands to the right of the current Orthodox-administered compound where men and women will still worship separately.

A sex cult aiming to brainwashing women has been broken up by Israeli police after they arrested eight men who believed they were helping ‘save the Jewish people and bring about redemption’ by making the women have sex with non-Jews.

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Surrogacy allows us to do the ethical thing and provide therapy to the people who need it.A 1975 inquiry (Ben-Eato) recommended legalisation but this was not implemented.(Cnaan 1982) In the 1990s, as in other countries, trafficking in women became a political issue in women's movements in Israel, who engaged in political lobbying for legislative action.(JTA) On a leafy residential street in central Tel Aviv, the back entrance of an apartment building leads to two small rooms called the red room and the green room.Each is modestly furnished with a futon, a private shower and erotic artwork.