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D.'s Narration: Turk and Carla were converting my old bedroom into a nursery, so I helped paint a mural for the new baby.

Notification of grant request approval or regret will be made in writing within one month of the receipt of all proposed materials. Since the Company receives funding requests far in excess of its annual grants program budget, we must often decline support to worthy organizations and programs.

Despite the drought conditions, market stalls were packed with the bounty of the Central Texas fall harvest, and seductive cooking aromas attracted a crowd to watch KVUE newswoman Olga Campos and Ameri­can-States­man writer started his week off complaining about the fact that the city of Austin decided to become a South by Southwest sponsor and waive the costs to the city of hosting the Festival - like they do for lots of events.

The average, everyday, "just like reg'lar folks" Johnny-boy (who recently turned his column into a round-about way of bragging that he drives that most blue-collar of vehicles, a Lexus) seems to believe that our beloved leader, Louis Black, dines on foie gras, probably paid for from the city sponsorship...""...

Turk: I think you're just jealous because your mom's dead.

D., last Christmas I walked in on Turk and his mom cuddling in bed. D.'s Narration: Turk gets defensive when it comes to his mother. Turk: I asked her if she still hated me and the sprinklers came on. And would somebody please bring me a glass of water?