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Do me a favor, put your fucking Mac away and go play with your kids. Please stop celebrating every fucking imaginary milestone with whisky, beer, or pizza and beer. Oh, OK, I’ll come work for you because you have the Glenlivet 17 and not the 15. Fuck your eating disorders, why the fuck does everything have to be so extreme with you? Fuck your standing desk, exercise ball desk, laying desk, and treadmill desk. Let me repeat that -NO ONE CAN FUCKING READ THAT FAST. Fuck your references to Malcolm Gladwell and Dan Ariely, and stop fucking quoting Lean Startup, for Christs sake. Fuck “entrepreneurs” nowadays, seriously- Everybody is a fucking entrepreneur now. Fuck your feature flags and endless variants in your A/B testing. You’re not Elon Musk- you ain’t Marissa Mayer, you’re not going to get to space, and you won’t build the next Space X. Fuck your open space floor plans- You really think Zucks builds Facebook’s 2017 roadmap while a nerf war is raging outside? Fuck working out of garages and fuck your 2.5 square meters “workspace”. Fuck the transparency trend, the post mortem and the 5 whys. Fuck having a Design sprint in EVERY sprint, pushing to production 100 times a day, using no staging environment and building a micro services architecture.At one point in the 1920s, as many as 48 companies were producing wares marked Limoges, according to ceramics expert Mary Frank Gaston in These pieces were not only marked denoting their origin in France.” I guess these people that I thought were friends, were fake..Bill grabbed her firm ass cheek, but the maid tossed his hand away, so he had to get up and teach this slut how to treat male visitors of the hotel.Check-in for the festivities, which will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record as the world's largest speed-dating event, begins at 7 p.m.Last 2 games i have lost the only player on our team with cc was our support thresh and nami. well cooldowns thats why, and he's one person.

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Also last week, police investigating students at Valley Forge High School in Parma Heights Ohio announced that they would soon announce charges related to sexting involving half-a-dozen students.

The Atlantic magazine just published a lengthy article about Louisa County High School in central Virginia, where students involved in sexting were “all across the board,” according to Major Robert Lowe of the police department.

I do not care if you manage a win with a shit comp, how many games you gonna lose before u get that one win, that was probably against the most boosted players ever.

This is league of legends not COD where u can literally pick anything and carry solo, players need to be educated on team comps, and why they matter.