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and right during training) who murdered two patients and poisoned 19 more at an NHS hospital received £779,000 in legal aid to defend himself – nearly £20,000 more than the total compensation awarded to his victims A number of Chua's poisoned patients received less than £10,000 each.One, who was left brain damaged by the 'narcissistic psychopath', is believed to have received about £500,000 – still significantly less than Chua's legal aid bill.The amount given to Filipino Victorino Chua, 51, who police believe used forged qualifications to gain work in the UK, was branded 'absolutely disgraceful' last night.The total amount of compensation paid to Chua's victims and their families was £760,475 – £18,527 less than his legal aid bill.He was playing piano in a night club (“The Old Forge”) here in Victoria.I was a cop with the Saanich Police Department (Saanich is a municipality in Greater Victoria) and I used to go to the “Forge” quite often.There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly.

Skylark was David Foster’s first band, based in Canada.

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Patients also have more responsibilities related to managing complex health issues at home.

Knowing how to coach (and be coached) is central to helping nurses and patients develop the skills they need to succeed.