Rowvalidated rowvalidating

When you navigate away from the cell (within the same row), the navigation is handled, and it remains focused in the current cell.

This event is raised when the current cell is validated with the new value and the Is Valid property of the Current Cell Validating event is set to ‘true’.

If the row does not pass validation, set the Cancel Event Args.

Validated events from occurring, and also prevents the user from leaving the invalid row and prevents the row from being saved to an external data source in data bound mode.Grid Validation Mode is the dependency property that switches between the modes of validations.The validation modes are as follows: Validation occurs with the implementation of INotify Data Error Info in built-in business object and when the Grid Validation Mode is set to ‘In View’ mode.The following code example illustrates how the Unit Price field is validated .When the value is less than 50 it shows the Error Tooltip.