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When students and faculty at the nine University of California campuses returned to classrooms last fall, they faced a new rule governing their interactions.

It's a rule that, for the vast majority, will have no impact on their lives, and yet - perhaps because of the taboo scenarios it evokes - has gotten outsized attention.

Over the course of five meetings, participants will have the opportunity to form close relationships with peers and mentors, attend an overnight retreat at a spectacular local site, share stories and strategies, practice public speaking and grapple with challenges together.

This group is open to anyone interested in gender and leadership—teachers, administrators and those aspiring to change role or style in some way.

And it's a question that more and more universities are wrestling with.

The University of California's decision is unusual in its scope - it affects an entire system - but it's hardly leading the pack.

Take this quiz and find out if your relationship is healthy.Are you concerned about controlling and harmful dating behaviors among your students?Would you like to create space in your classroom for a thoughtful discussion on healthy relationships?Using the text by Amy Cuddy, we will explore how to bring your ideal self “to the table” through knowing and telling your story, understanding the topic of power, and embracing your emotional and physical presence.In addition, this on-going program will explore some of the current trends and latest research and the application to our work in schools, and will allow group members to practice and refine the skills needed to be the best school leaders possible.