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If your supplier is not included in this database and is interested in participating in the program, the supplier can submit a request to UL’s customer service department at Customer [email protected] you are a manufacturer of a UL certified product and need assistance finding a UL authorized label supplier, contact a UL Label Center.ULC is going to operate in two ways: in their traditional fashion where a standard is set and the product must meet it (like in the stove in the picture above, which might have to withstand certain established kinds of abuse and number of cycles before getting approval).This is the critical link that has been missing: an established set of standards that everyone agrees to, and third party testing that ensures that it meets this standard.

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Only manufacturers who are officially certified by UL are authorized to produce labels with the UL or c UL symbols on them. That means your labels meet all UL standards and can be backed up with official UL certification paperwork in the event of an audit.

These suppliers have signed an agreement with UL and are authorized by UL to print labels with the UL Mark.

Only the suppliers shown in this database are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark.

With an overwhelming amount of precise instructions, purchasing the correct UL labels can often seem quite daunting.

For example, did you know that while they often are referred to collectively by the moniker “UL Label,” there are actually multiple types or categories of UL Labels?